Theodore H. Noel, II

Founder, President and CEO

About Theo

“I feel that if you can’t change the world, you can change the space you are in, one deed, one word, one person at a time.”
–Theodore H. NOEL, II


Theodore H. Noel, II, is the founder of Guiding Right, Inc. and the organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  The agency is an Oklahoma non-profit corporation organized to enhance the health and well-being of minorities and other vulnerable populations through leadership in public and community health practices, collaborations and partnerships.

Mr. Noel is a public health professional and servant leader with over 30 years of experience in non-profit organizational management.  He is committed to social justice and health equity-informed praxis to cultivate the next generation of population health.

Mr. Noel has received numerous awards for his work including the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma, Inc.’s 2018 Russell M. Perry Equal Opportunity Award of Excellence.

During his tenure, he has worked diligently as an educator and health professional to implement an array of community-oriented programs that focus on improving the health and wellness of minority communities. Mr. Noel has expanded Guiding Right’s service range into the clinical arena with the establishment of New Hope Wellness Center in 2021. This vibrant, patient-focused healthcare center provides ambulatory medical care to Black and Hispanic/Latinx individuals living with HIV residing in the Western Oklahoma Service Area.

Prior to founding Guiding Right, Inc., Mr. Noel worked as a Program Director for the Community Council of Central Oklahoma, Inc., where he created and implemented numerous cultural, educational and leadership programs in the Oklahoma City Public School System.

Mr. Noel is a graduate of the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho where he received a Bachelor of Science degree.

Theodore and his wife Rebecca and their daughter Sydney reside in Oklahoma City Oklahoma.  The Noel’s are active members of the Church of the Living God, (CWFF) Temple-39 where he serves on the Board of Trustees.


“I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action.”
– Malcolm X.

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Shame is the enemy of action.

Shame is the enemy of vulnerability and action. HIV is a virus just like COVID-19 or the Flu. HIV is not a crime. If you think you might have HIV, give us a call. We can help you get confidential testing and free treatment.

HIV and COVID-19

We are still learning about COVID-19 and how it affects people with HIV. Based on what we know at this time, people with HIV may be more likely to become severely ill from COVID-19.

Other factors can also make you more likely to become severely ill, such as age and certain underlying medical conditions. Older adults, people with certain medical conditions, and pregnant and recently pregnant people should take preventive actions to protect themselves from getting COVID-19.



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