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We are Guiding Right

Helping Others Find Their Way


Guiding Right, Inc is a social justice-oriented, Black-focused, public health community-based organization whose mission is to improve access to healthcare, supportive services, and systems that improve the quality of life among Black and other marginalized populations in Oklahoma.

Our staff works tirelessly to increase the health awareness and education of our community while connecting our clients to helpful resources. Guiding Right’s Outreach efforts not only provide support to individuals and their families, but we strive to alleviate the inequality resulting from legacy socioeconomic problems.

Pictured: Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma

Our Vision

We envision a community where all people live with dignity and respect with equitable access to comprehensive services grounded in proven, evidence-based public policy.

We envision increasing the quality of life for all citizens of Oklahoma by offering opportunities for youth and adults to acquire knowledge of surviving beyond poverty and other socioeconomic circumstances.

Our daily efforts and programs will advance our mission and vision into fruition.

Guiding Right, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the fight to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS infection.

Guiding Right, Inc. (GRI) was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in August of 1999. The inception of the organization came as a response from the Founder and CEO , Theodore Noel’s previous work with minority adolescent youth in afterschool programs who exhibited complex behavioral issues. Mr. Noel observed a great majority of the children being reared by grandparents and to his dismay, the reason was some of the parents were HIV positive or diagnosed with AIDS and could not take on sole responsibility to care for their children.

This brought to light a need for HIV/AIDS services in Oklahoma City to
provide culturally competent services and support for African Americans infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition to this, HIV/AIDS is a highly stigmatized disease, especially within the African American community; therefore, acquiring the virus often produced feelings of fear, shame, and isolation.

Unfortunately, this continues to hinder so many who have been infected with or affected by the disease from accessing proper treatment and care and/or support services. Hence, the beginning of GRI, whose mission is to promote and provide culturally appropriate education and life skills training to persons of all ages to decrease social, economic, and health disparities including (HIV/AIDS) for high risk populations with special emphasis on women, African Americans and youth within the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the Tulsa MSA.


Our Outreach Efforts will continue to be the motivating force of the staff’s community engagement. Our reputation is based on the concept that we meet our clients were they stand, literally.

Without judgement or precursor, Guiding Right often reaches those deemed hard to reach by traditional health care practices.

We know, for this effort, our clients appreciate us, and we enjoy assisting them. As Guiding Right, Inc. continues to have a vivid presence in Oklahoma; one of the basic organizational premises is to continue providing services that address the complex and unique issues of marginalized, underserved, and hard to reach populations.


It began with the desire to help.

Our mission and vision outline the goals of Guiding Right, Inc. However, with our growth, our goals have grown – to include a more encompassing approach of systemic change.

It will take being at the table to invite new ideas and create innovative approaches that we end minority health disparities.


Dr. Eugene McCray, CDC Dir of DHAP
Dr. Robert R. Redfield, CDC Director



Guiding Right, Inc. (GRI) was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in August of 1999.
Received its first funding opportunity from the Oklahoma State Department – to provide HIV Testing
Guiding Right, Inc. receives its first direct federal funding from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) – a 5-year cooperative agreement to provide comprehensive HIV Prevention programs
The Tonya Parker Spirit Award created due to the untimely passing of a visionary of Guiding Right, Inc. since inception. It is our highest honor to
award Volunteers who show commitment and passion in helping carry out our mission.
Guiding Right, Inc. celebrates 10 years of continuous operation
Guiding Right, Inc. receives continued federal funding from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). GRI also receives new funding from the Oklahoma State Department of Health and establishes its presence in Tulsa by providing HIV and STI Testing.
Guiding Right, Inc. receives its first year of funding from the Elton John AIDS Foundation to continue offering mobile HIV testing.
Guiding Right, Inc., among only 30 CBOs nation-wide, receives two streams of direct federal funding from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). GRI also relocates its headquarters into the heart of Oklahoma City’s Black community. (NE OKC)
Guiding Right, Inc. celebrates 20 years of continuous operation. Also in this year, Guiding Right starts Oklahoma City’s first free PrEP Access program with the help of HRSA’s 340B Program and Gilead’s Advancing Access Initiative.
Guiding Right, Inc. opens its first clinic – New Hope Wellness Center streamlining our referral process for those in need of medical treatment and care.
The Future
We will continue to stay true to our mission and vision. In doing so, we know the future of our organization will encompass growth which will continue pour into and uplift our community.