The SISTA Project

The SISTA Project—or Sisters Informing Sisters About Topics on AIDS - is a social skills training intervention aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior among African American women at highest risk. It consists of five two-hour group sessions; conducted by peer facilitators in a community based setting.

Topics that are covered include:

• Ethnic and Gender Pride: Created to generate a discussion about being African-American and female, having pride in oneself, and valuing oneself.

• HIV/AIDS Education: Provide factual and statistical information on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), correct misconceptions about HIV/AIDS, and discuss the importance of protecting oneself.

• Assertiveness Skills Training: Teaches the distinction between assertive, aggressive and non-assertive behaviors and teach skills to initiate assertive qualities.

• Behavioral Self Management: Decreases participants' anxiety about condom use, demonstrate and role-play how to use condoms and discuss reasons that women do not insist upon using condoms.

• Coping Skills: Initiate discussion about coping with life experiences --including the link between alcohol and AIDS, coping with alcohol and sex, and coping with negative responses. This session also serves as a review of the previous sessions.

SISTA love is Strong; SISTA love is Safe; SISTA love is Surviving!

For more information about this program or to set up a SISTA group contact; Nina Johnson or Darshell House.

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