"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." - MLK
    African American Faith Community for AIDS Prevention is a group of clergy in the Oklahoma City [...]
    Moving Parity Onward With Every Resource. M-POWER is a program that focuses on awareness and prevention [...]
  • W.R.A.P.
    The Wellness Reentry Action Program Oklahoma leads the nation in the rate of female incarceration and is fourth [...]
  • The SISTA Project
    Sisters informing sisters about Topics on AIDS is a peer-led program designed to prevent HIV/AIDS/STD infection[...]
  • Many Men, Many Voices
    This program is designed to help educate African American gay men HIV/AIDS and the disproportionate impact [...]
  • HIV Counseling & Testing
    Confidential HIV antibody counseling and testing is offered by the staff of Guiding Right[...]
  • Live Long & Positive
    This program is a peer led support group for men and women of color infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. [...]
  • Project RESTORE
    Rejuvenating Empowering Stopping Transmission Overcoming Reaching Efficacy This program is a client-centered HIV [...]
    Guiding Right, Inc. offers assistance to individuals with terminal illnesses with their rent, mortgage and utility bills.[...]
  • Outreach Services
    This program encourages prevention, HIV counseling and testing and access to other services the client may need. [...]
  • WIC
    Women, Infants, and Children is designed to provide specific supplemental foods for good health [...]
  • It's a Family Affair
    The goal of the program is to educate and facilitate basic skills for the prevention and cessation of three major health issues [...]